Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shopping in store: How do you like the Kindle Voyage?

Amazon Store in Downtown San Francisco

I was pleasantly surprised to see an Amazon brick-and-mortar store in the downtown San Francisco’s Westfield shopping center this weekend. The brand new store displays all types of Amazon Kindles and gives consumers an opportunity to try them out. I am excited about Amazon’s new store, and suspect that consumers will be more likely to buy Kindles after trying them out.

I used to read on a Kindle Paperwhite. It is small and light, very comfortable to hold in one hand. Reading in the dark is no problem with the lighting display. I love the original Kindle Paperwhite, but after viewing Kindles in the store, I decided to upgrade to the Voyage.

Compared to the Paperwhite, the Voyage is even lighter and slightly smaller to hold. One of the most significant new features on the Voyage is the pressure-sensitive page turn sensor, which located on the edge of the screen. With its touchscreen and page sensor, the Voyage makes page-turning easier for readers.

In addition, the Voyage has an improved X-Ray feature. It helps readers track and research the characters in an e-book. For example, if you select one of the characters in an e-book, Voyage would show this character’s background information and role in the book. It is a convenient feature which allows readers to follow the story easily without getting confused.

There are many reviews about Voyage on Amazon and other web pages. Some readers like the Kindle Voyage, others don’t see the value of the new one. Is it worth for $199? I think it depends on how you like the new features. If you are happy with the Paperwhite, there is no compelling reason to upgrade at this time. However, if you are a heavy e-book reader and insist on having the latest e-ink product, Voyage does have some impressive features. You can visit Kindle Voyage page on Amazon to know more details. 

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